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Hey Folks! It's nice to meet you all! My name is Faye Oliver and I've begun a healthy hair care journey along with my sister! I hope you enjoy reading about it :)

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Hot Ass Mess

Today I co washed for the first time.

The PROS of the day:

My new comb glides through my hair.
The conditoner wash gave me great slip
Putting my hair into sections made it eeasy to detangle


Roller setting was a hot ass mess
Braid out was a hot ass mess
De-tangling in the shower was a hot ass mess

I can NOT roller set to save my life. What on earth was I thinking. I'm so awkward when doing the back of my hair I should have known. The rollers didn't want to stay next to each other and they flopped about like NO ONE'S business. I was nearly in tears. All the ladies on you tube made every thing look so easy, how on earth was I going to manage on ym hair journey if I couldn't do any low manipulation styles?!

My hair when it is wet or dry is so disobedient it's like I'm trying to get an actual person to do something they don't want to do.

I finally plaited my hair into about 8 plaits and that's where it shall stay until tomorrow morning.

I don't know what to do, it feels like everything I'm doing, I'm doing so awkward and wrong.



Updates Updates Updates and my first challenge!

I'm using this picture as my official hair care journey starter picture"

I've been keeping on top of moisturising and sealing twice a day. I've noticed my hair isn't sheddingas much but I've oticed a few broken strands. I guess no one's hair can ever be completely free of either of the two right?

I joined BHM (black hair media) yesterday and joined a APL in 2012 challenge, my first ever one :D Even though I am very determind to reach my goal, seeds of doubt have begun to plant themselves inside my head. APL seems a long way away when I look at myself in photos or in the mirror; my hair isn't even shoulder length yet. But I must stay positive!

Anyone else on any challenges?

I'm hopefully going to co wash my hair today, I was meant to do it yesterday but was too busy. After I co wash I'm going to do my first braid out with rollers at the end! I hope it turns out thick and wavy and not stringy! I'll post pictures to let you know!

Hope everyone's hair journey is going well!


Monday, 24 October 2011

Hair comparison!

Taken 27/08/11

Taken 24/10/11

I'm generally happy with the comparisons but my hair on the picture I took today looks a bit to greasy so I need to STOP being so heavy handed with the oil and moisturizer! :']

What do you think?


Sunday, 23 October 2011

October Goals!

Right-io, time for some goals I think.

In November I am planing to go full speed with...

*Operation APL*

In June I will be having my School Year 11 Prom and I am hoping to look my best on that night. Operation APL is to grow my hair to Arm Pit Length by June 2012. To do this I will be

a) Investing in Jamaican Black Castor oil
b) Stretching my relaxers
c)Keeping on top of my regimen
d) Protective styles and low manipulation styles

I shall do it! Feel free to join in if you want :]

So that is Operation APL!

My October goals are as follows:

1)Get my regimen down solid.
2)Prepare to take part in Operation APL.
3) Do not give up!
4) Do not become obsessed over every little piece of strand of my hair.
5) Do not buy any more products!
6) Do not drive Mum/Sister/Auntie crazy by talking non stop about the hair journey
7)Do not be lazy
8)Try a different protective style every week
9)Drink at least 2 glasses of WATER a DAY and eat VEGETABLES and lot's of PROTEIN!
10) Try a hot oil treatment



I got the hair length chart Hair De La Creme blog and I drew on where my hair is at the moment ^.^


I'm wondering whether to make my stylist change my relaxer back to olive oil because this shedding craziness started after she changed it to Elasta QP, and I told her this but

a) She said she didn't think my hair was falling out
b) She said that the hair has to get used to the change

Another thing that really annoys me is I'm trying to tell everyone my hair is falling out and EVERYONE'S reaction is either

a) You're hair still looks thick so why are you worrying.
b) Why are you suddenly interested in your hair now?!


Those two reactions really annoy me.

I understand I have thick hair and I am grateful for it but THAT IS NOT THE POINT. Am I supposed to let my hair fall out until it doesn't look thick any more? So just because my hair look thick it's okay for my hair to fall out?! No no no no NO!

And I also understand that I haven't taken care of my hair in the past but that's because I and I didn't know what I was doing. now I have researched into black hair, I want to take care of my hair the proper way.

I swear my sister is the only one taking me seriously on this journey.

Well hey ho I guess I'll just have to prove everyone wrong! >:]

Day 2: How's your hair today Faye?


I don't even know what to say. Yesterday I thought the shedding had stopped and I was loving how thick/reinforced my hair was. Then this morning was a different stupid story. My hair is already thick but right at this moment 3 weeks post relaxer and it honestly feels like I'm about 10 weeks. The biggest thing that upset me was that when i combed my hair it was still shedding. I don't even know if I call it that because they don't have the white bulbs on the end but the shed hair is the length my hair is.
(My hair is layered, the back of my hair is shorter then the front)

Right I'm going to get down to the bottom of this!

Things it could be:

-Doing ApHogee 2 minute reconstructor and then a black tea rinse straight after.
-Leaving the black tea rinse on for half an hour after I had let it steep all night
-I don't really know if my moisturiser is actually moisturising my hair.
-My porosity is out the widow
-I don't really think my deep conditioner was strong enough to moisturise or I didn't put enough on after a black tea rinse and ApHogee so it might be protein overload.
-Stress because I'm stressed out that my hair is shedding.
-Combing my hair to much.
-Stepping outside when my hair was like 95% dry, so still a bit damp (and it's like freezing here).
-Impatience- it's probably going to take a while Faye!

Right thing's I am going to do to rectify the problem:

-Moisturise and seal twice a day!
-Co wash on Wednesday!
-Next wash day use Roux Porosity control shampoo, (my darling sister gave it to me :]) to kick my hair's porosity's ass!
-Next wash day do not do an ApHogee treatment (only every 3 weeks)
-Put more deep conditioner on!
-Not be so heavy handed with the coconut oil (I nearly drowned in the stuff)
-Apply my leave in when my hair is around 50-60-70% dry!
-Detangle using my fingers!
-Not comb too much
-Not STRESS too much
-Leave the black tea rinse on for 10 minutes MAX!
-Do not leave the house until your hair is FULLY DRY!
-Protective styles all the way!

So I'm feeling determined guys! I think the main reason is because my hair's ability to retain moisture is horrible so I'm hoping the Roux shampoo will help with this!

Wish me luck and if you have any suggestions I'd be INCREDIBLY grateful